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Technical specifications    
Loudspeaker cable

Conductors : multi strand silver plated copper

Insulation : PTFE+specific process

Jacket : cotton tubing

Terminals : Gold plated banana plugs, Cherry wood veneer jacket

Available length : 2x3m
                                                   (other dimensions on demand)

sample  sample  sample  sample

 -  Introduction   

Kami is the brand‐new Apertura loudspeaker cable.
For manufacturing, Apertura make use of the best components.
For conductors, we made the choice of a high‐tech cable supplier, specialist in aerospace and military applications.

We only use PTFE insulation. The one used in Kami undergoes a special treatment. This treatment provides a substantial gain in micro‐detail resolution and the ability to reproduce the smallest nuances.

Each conductor is covered with a cotton sleeve, the most neutral material for such applications.

Kami is delivered as standard with banana plugs featuring gold‐plated conductor and wood body.