Logo stand CES 2016

Apertura Audio will be at CES 2016.

Visit us in the Venetian Tower – Suite 30-328.

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Source System will highlight the Apertura EDENA, a compact 2 ways – 2 drivers floor-standing column.


« From the outside in with its fancy veneers, sterling finish, complex asymmetrical cabinetry,quality drivers and advanced filter, the Apertura  Edena offers a lot in today’s high-end currency.
Despite its seeming modesty of just two drivers, this cleverly appointed box acts full range for 95% of applications.
It really is all the speaker most serious music lovers would ever need. »
Srajan Ebaen – 6 moons – October 2012
Read the complete review from Srajan, here: 6moons Apertura Edena reviewEdena trioWe welcome you to visit us, and enjoy a new Apertura experience!

RMAF 2015 - 02

Apertura Audio will be present at the next
Rocky Montain Audio Show in Denver – Colorado
from  2 to 4 October 2015.


Mark Gurvey from Source System will exhibit 2 Apertura Speakers in 2 different systems:

Armonia Erable double 02br
Apertura Armonia  with Lumin D1 and M2Tech Dac as digital sources and a
Hegel H160 amp.


edena-4894(278x178)  Apertura Edena  with Lumin S1 and Aria server as music sources and a Hegel H160 amp.

Visit us Room #445 and enjoy a great moment of music!


banner 2015


Armonia Blanche triple3-bis brSource Systems Ltd. will be demonstrating the Apertura Armonia in Room 237 at The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach, Irvine, Ca. May 29-31.



Armonia Erable triple 02brMore information: http://www.sourcesystemsltd.com





P1050269brMark Gurvey from Sourcesystem  Ltd will present the Apertura Kalya at P1050266br

the next Axpona show in Chicago 24-26 April 2015.


 Kalya will be highlighted with several high end electronics and among them:

The IPS-3 from Playback Designs, Lumin S-1, Lumin L1, Lumin T1.

Visit him Room #402  and if you want more information:  http://www.sourcesystemsltd.com/