ARIANA MKII Diapason d’or 2014 – A new reward for ARIANA MKII

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  Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que cette année encore, ARIANA MKII a obtenu un Diapason d’or 2014.

  We are very proud to announce that ARIANA MKII got a « Diapason d’Or » , a reward from the french Hi Fi magazine « Diapason  » for 2014.


Ariana MKII 01

…  « Championne de notre comparatif de mai dernier, l’Apertura Ariana MKII distille une fois de plus un charme unique, celui de la musique, tout simplement. » … Thierry Soveaux –  Diapason n° 627 Septembre 2014


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For our English speaking friends:

« Number one in our mai 2014 comparative, Apertura Ariana MKII distilled once more a unique charm, music, simply music… » Thierry Soveaux – Diapason issue 627 – September 2014


This version replaces the previous one already rewarded in 2012 for its refinement and subtlety. It used a 7” TPX cone bass/mid range unit. The polymethyl-penthene cone has been replaced by a paper/reed material.
The crossover, with proprietary DRIM structure (or steep sloves), has been redesigned.
A wide port tube reduces air flow noises.

Musical performance:

Compared to the previous version, the midrange seems more lively, more natural, more tasty.
As a result is the sound reproduction is a little less matt,
but without any artificial gloss.
This singular elegance has been preserved notably in the restitution of phrasing and the subtlety of contrasts.
The exquisite way in which each note ends is a magical reflection of the concert hall and studio.
The stereo image is extraordinarily precise. All this for less than 2500€…

 By Thierry Soveaux –  Diapason 627 – sept 2014