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Ariana mkII

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1" Ring radiator tweeter.
Specific dual ring diaphragm (patented) Wave-guide center plug for extended frequency response up to 40kHz.


6,5’’ mid/ woofer driver with a reed/ paper pulp cone (less braking mode than in paper only material).
New more powerful magnet circuit with long voice coil for extreme long linear excursion. A heavy copper ring on the center piece reduces distortion.
The spider cavity is compression free.




Enclosure design based on 21mm thickness high density MDF panels.
Four cross section bracing panels improve cabinet damping.




Proprietary DRIM structure.
High quality audio components: Jantzen baked wire coils, polypropylene capacitor.
Hand wiring on FR4 3oz Pcb.
Internal wiring: Apertura proprietary cable.




A heavy 30mm base plate improves cabinet inertia.
A wide port tube lower non-linear transient response, and low frequency compression.



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